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Biometrics evaluation for smart card, mobile, inspection system and access control


The standard ISO/IEC 30107 is the foundation of biometric presentation attack. It addresses techniques for the automated detection of Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) systems.

The ISO/IEC 30107 standard focuses more on the “what” than the “how”. This is why ICUBE uses an internal test plan defining detailed tests associated with both a methodology for rating biometric attacks and the list of existing Presentation Attack Instruments (PAI).

Detecting a fake fingerprint or a fake face is already a challenge, but among other tests, ICUBE evaluates the capacity of the device to reject real biometrics data on a fake support.


ICUBE provides Liveness Detection algorithm evaluation of biometrics devices as Smartcard, Secure element, Mobile application, Inspection System, and detects vulnerabilities by using various PAI. Beyond certification, ICUBE also helps its customers to evaluate the robustness of their devices.

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